The Rage That Creates Riots

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I’ve seen more overt racism and hate on FB regarding Baltimore than I’ve seen in a very long time. From people who don’t see people. They see thugs. They see criminals. They see niggers. That’s how they look at it. That ugly.

I’ve got something personal and candid to share, and I ask that you read this. It’s important to me.

The truth is, those people are you and me if we were in their shoes. I look about as Aryan as one can look, and with only two exceptions, every encounter I’ve had with a cops has been them being inhuman, mean, insulting, and complete assholes. And I didn’t talk back. I complied with what they asked. I was respectful. They were fucking pigs.

No, I don’t think ALL cops are this bad, but it’s such a widespread epidemic that the good ones are now the minority.

When my ex was suicidal and losing it one night before I got home from work, the neighbors had called the cops. A few minutes after I got home they showed up. At first they talked about getting her some help. But she was having trouble finding her shoes. They started to yell at her, and cornered her. She was obviously not in a good mental state, so they grabbed her and started to drag her out of the house and she was terrified, and tried to pull back. They held her down, hog tied her, and beat the shit out of her. They dragged her across the floor, out the door, along the sidewalk and asphalt and began to kick her and then threw her into the car, banging her head on it.

All the while she was begging for my help, screaming for it, and I could only helplessly watch, or they’d do the same to me. When I told her to just go limp and not try to run, the cops yelled “SHUT UP!”

Then they came back to me and told me how they had to do that, because she was resisting arrest and they charged her with assaulting a police officer.

This was to a white couple.

So, knowing how black people get harassed in this country far more than I do, and knowing how they get treated and being humiliated, beaten, shot, and being helpless to do a fucking thing, I get why they riot.

If I was them, with the rage I have inside from a handful of cops I’ve encountered, I totally get it. I’d be out for blood. Gleefully. I’d lose my shit.

I know that’s not right. I know it’s not constructive. But when you have that abuse of power and the helplessness to do a thing about it and they get away with it and laugh in your face when they do, nothing can top that kind of rage. That’s what happened in Ferguson. That’s what happened in Baltimore. That’s what’s going to keep happening until police are held accountable.

So, if you judge the rioters, try for just a second to imagine their lives. You can’t honestly say you wouldn’t do the same if you were in their shoes, because you’re not. I had only a fraction of what they put up with. People can only take so much before they just crack and lose it.

If you care, demand police accountability. Demand body cameras that they can’t turn off. Demand prison for those cops that abuse power. Demand change. And until it does change, expect more riots. This is the tip of the iceberg of the cracking of the carapace that hides decades of rage. If it doesn’t change, then “god” help this nation, because it’s a powder keg.

© 2015 William Suphan Protection Status

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