The Issue With Issues

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One of the things that is greatly impeding the process of building a better system is all of the various issues that people focus on. While these issues are important and worth addressing, it makes sense that if we built the new system right, it would automatically resolve most of those issues because it would be created with a culture that doesn’t contain them.


When we build with a mindset that, by design, does not include sexism, racism, homophobia, fundamentalist ideologies, greed, unsustainability, violence, and all the other things we seek to do away with, then we are building a society that will contain far less of all those things.


I think that, as such a system grows, each generation will have less and less inclusion of those things we feel undermine the value of equality and freedom.


If we waste our time, focus and energy on trying to fix those issues in the current broken system, it’s basically like trying to get from your house to the store while running on a treadmill. It’s wasted energy. Even our focus must be sustainable.


If we focus on building sustainability, equality and a better way of doing things rather than on the massive set of injustices the current system engenders, then our efforts are building something worthwhile. They are not wasted. It’s the most direct way to “do something” about all of these issues.


Rallies, protests, petitions, demonstrations, new laws, social programs, etc. will not change much. It may do a small bit of good here and there, but it’s like doing cosmetic surgery on a cancer victim. Sure, you made some kind of change, but it wan’t make the patient better, it just makes them look a little bit less like they’re going to die soon.


Furthermore, I find that when people focus on all these issues, it invariably ends up creating a vast amount of drama, debate, bickering and animosity between people who should be uniting and working together to build something that will inherently lack those issues.


When you have people who refuse to collaborate with people because they eat meat or drive a car, or don’t spell it “womyn”, or used a paper plate, then I fear they are not people who are capable of doing the hard work of building something better. The reason that politicians and corporations are so organized and effective in doing what they do is because they set aside pet issues and differences of opinion and simply work together to achieve their goals.


I think that progressive people can learn a lot from that. If the people who are poisoning everything can organize and get things done despite personal differences, but we can’t, then we’re truly doomed. Can we not do better?

If we build a system that is not racist, sexist, or unsustainable, then we will end up dissolving racism, sexism and ecological harm. If we want to be rid of these things, let us work together to build something that doesn’t include them.

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