The Dirty Secret

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The Secret is now huge since it’s been on Oprah and Larry King. People are buying it in droves, and are making some really stupid choices due to their misunderstanding of it, and due to it’s lack of clarity in explaining itself.

I’ve been reading articles of people spending all their money buying expensive things while believing that the money to pay for them will just roll in if they imagine it. People are discontinuing their medication because they think they can imagine their diseases away.

I’ve had someone online tell me that they don’t exercise or anything and never get fat, because they “don’t think of food as a punishment”. They seemed offended at my suggestion that it could simply be a faster metabolism.

People are throwing out basic science and common sense in droves. I wonder if this is worse than religion. It’s proving to me that people don’t even need God to become batshit insane.

Believe it or not, I do believe in and have used the Law of Attraction that The Secret talks about. I’ve had it work repeatedly in my life, but it was because I did more than just sit and imagine. This is where The Secret becomes dangerous.

It’s not clear to people that visualization is something that helps, but it doesn’t do everything by itself. It doesn’t replace action, caution, and common sense. You visualize what you want to keep yourself focused on it, and are therefore more likely to achieve what you want. It doesn’t mean you sit and visualize and stop doing everything else.

I feel that The Secret is very irresponsible in telling people they can have what they want simply by thinking of what they want to the exclusion of all else. It breeds a sort of tunnel-vision that excludes everything but what a person wants, which is ultimately really myopic and selfish, not to mention dangerous.

When people are told that they can be thin by simply imagining away the fat, then they stop exercising, which is bad. When people are told they can have all the money they can imagine, simply by imagining it, then they stop watching their money and may even stop working. People are getting themselves into really serious situations and then harsh reality hits them and they realize they fucked themselves.

Remember, visualization is a supplemental act, not a replacement for action. The laws of science still apply. Chemistry still takes effect. If you eat a lot and don’t exercise, and you have a slower metabolism, you will get fat. You can’t stop bullets by not believing in them. The physical world does exist and physical laws will affect you.

I’m frustrated by what’s going on simply because the law of attraction is something I do believe in, as I’ve seen it work. However, The Secret is throwing in all this extraneous bullshit, which is making the very idea of visualization seem absurd by affiliation.

Every time I’ve used the law of attraction wisely and practically, it has worked. Every time I have tried to depend on it totally, without supplementing it by action, it has failed. This is because you don’t get anything for free. I’d consider that a universal truth. You have to have output to get input. If the universe is sentient, I doubt it likes to help one who simply seeks to take without putting forth any effort whatsoever.

I’ve heard people say “Imagine what it would be like if everyone just used The Secret!” There’s a nightmare! Everyone sitting on their asses not doing a thing, in hopes that everything they want will fall into their laps. Meanwhile, the world falls to shit around them because they’re not taking care of basic necessities and aren’t putting forth any effort to help anyone else.

I’d rather people live by default than by this twisted version of the law of attraction. Ignorance is preferable to delusion. At least the ignorant can learn something new. These delusional people think they have everything figured out. It’s just like a religion in that regard. If you think you have the truth, you stop seeking to learn.

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