The Assumption of Belief

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Though my heart is opening and I have lately been filled with a great desire to do good things, and spread love, kindness and promote happiness wherever I can, I’m still as atheist as ever.


One doesn’t need special beliefs. One doesn’t need a belief in any god, spirit or anything else in order to be loving, kind and cooperative. One just needs to be human. That’s all.


One of the things I’m finding difficult is that it seems that the movements regarding sustainability, ecology, etc. are steeped with spiritual talk. I guess I don’t mind. Those beliefs are not so dogmatic as mainstream religious beliefs, however, it’s often assumed that spirituality has to be part of it. That you have to believe that there’s some sentient force guiding us or inside nature. That something’s wrong with you, or you haven’t “woken up” if you don’t share such beliefs. It’s usually with a bit of derision, where I thought the point was non-judgment.


For me, I just care a lot. I see how humanity has been doing things and how we’ve been treating each other and nature, and I find it all horribly wasteful and dangerous. So, it seems obvious to me that the alternative is to stop treating each other poorly, stop depleting our resources, and stop being divisive in every way. Furthermore, we need to design a system that does work and is sustainable.


I hear people in these movements saying things about scientists that read a lot more into what they say than what they’re actually saying. There are those who, in one breath will say something extremely profound and intelligent, but in the next they’re demonizing good people who have good hearts and good intentions, but simply prefer evidence as a source of truth. I bet if such people actually talked with these scientists they’d find out how wrong they are about them.


I don’t disregard science because it can help us find methods of sustainability that are sorely needed. I don’t make assumptions that science is about control and power. It’s not. It’s a method of discovery, and yes, it can be misused. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the scientific method itself. When used as a means for discovery and positive invention rather than for making weapons and creating “evidence” at the behest of corporations, it can save our lives and our planet.


I feel deep compassion for my fellow humans as well as all the other species that are affected by our actions and complete disregard for complex ecosystems. I love life and all living things. I want to see everyone taken care of and helping each other out while practicing a deep respect for nature. I want to see us wean ourselves off of a system that simply will not work however much we try to patch it up or resist it. I believe in building something better, not tearing down something already broken.


To be an example of compassion, love and dedication to helping each other and caring about each other doesn’t have a belief prerequisite.


Why do I need to be anything other than simply human to do this?

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