Start Giving A Shit

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We have the technology and the understanding to do amazing things and we could easily make life really good for every single person on this planet, but we cripple ourselves through old beliefs and traditions, greed, nationalism, partisanship, racism, and fear in general. We have the ability to fix all our problems and we fix almost none of them. Until there is a general mindset among humanity in general that everyone is simply human and not their race, religion, or political party, nothing worthwhile will happen. Many powerful people have a very vested interest in making sure we don’t think that way and do all they can to keep us fighting.


So, lets take it upon ourselves to stop playing along. Spread the word that, when it comes to having a world that benefits everyone, our beliefs, race, party, gender, sexuality, country of origin, football team, taste in music, social status, class, titles, hairstyle, etc. simply don’t matter.  We need to put all of that aside intentionally and ignore the news, the pundits, the talk show hosts, the politicians, the clergy, the grumpy fucks, the shallow assholes, and everyone whose message is anything other than cutting the bullshit and getting along.


Fuck blame, fuck war, fuck greed, and selfishness, and indifference. Those are all cancerous to humanity.  Either people take it upon themselves to stop taking part in those things and start taking part in uplifting and helping each other, or we we continue on a global downward spiral.


Even if the shit were to hit the fan in a big way and our global infrastructure collapsed, we have each other. We don’t need all that to survive. We just need to help each other, and we’ll all be alright. Enough fear. The only thing we have to do to be okay is to help each other and stop taking part in destructive mindsets.


Spread it around. Stop fucking moping and bitching and do something to uplift someone else and you will start to feel better. Seek out ways to help others. It is contagious. My new hobby, to start with, is to go around the internet and in real life and find ways to, at the very least, make people smile. Make them feel loved. Ignore negative reactions and just keep spreading goodness. Humanity needs it, and we don’t need any special belief system to do it. We just need to give a shit.


When we work together, we can be inventive and create solutions to our problems that don’t exclude anyone, and don’t pander to any particular ideology. That won’t happen until we cut the crap and start treating each other well, and thinking well of each other. Love has practical applications, and it’s time we made use of them.


Edit:  we won’t likely change the world in our lifetimes, but we can make many people’s lives better. It’s a simple choice every second whether you will be cynical, jaded, and snarky, which is useless and makes things worse, or you can be uplifting, helpful, and positive, which makes things better. We start small, with each other, and it will gradually expand. But, looking at this fucked up world and doing nothing will accomplish exactly nothing. Just a few small kindnesses every day done intentionally will really help, and with the state of the economy, the world, the political sphere, etc., we need more general goodness. You don’t have to trust anyone to treat them well. You don’t have to give up anything except sitting on your ass uselessly bitching.

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