Some Things Are Worth Running Away From

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I hear a very common complaint from many vagabonds, travelers, digital nomads, etc. They are very often asked “What are you running away from?” The invariable answer is: “I’m not running away FROM anything! I’m running TO freedom and experiences”, etc.


However, there are things that are okay to admit running away from. If there is a situation you don’t like, you’re not obligated to stay in it, unless, of course, you’ve made a specific obligation like a lease or something. However, if you have no contracts, there is absolutely no reason to stay in a life situation that sucks.


It’s perfectly reasonable to want to get away from the constant barrage of bullshit people must deal with in the default world. The constant marketing, propaganda, political and religious indoctrination, corruption, vapid media, money addiction, social roles and expectations, bills, debt, cubicles, the rat race in general, and the bustle, noise and pollution. People are always talking about getting away. They talk about going to the beach somewhere or off to a nice cabin in the woods. They lament only having two weeks of vacation every year. They always say the weekends are too short.


Everyone’s talking about getting away, so why is it such a crazy idea to do so more permanently?


Of course, we’re told that it’s irresponsible and you’re not being a good citizen if you don’t hold down a day job, pay rent or mortgage, go into debt, etc. Like chaining oneself to the rat race is somehow noble and good. That’s bullshit. It’s a form of slavery. It’s a never-ending cycle of working to pay the bills so that you can have a place to house your stuff, which you need a job to keep, and you keep working and keep buying and it never ends. It’s a complete waste of one’s life. Unless, of course, one is doing something so fun that it doesn’t feel like work.


However, for most people, it’s an endless cycle of drudgery and stress. If someone says I must be crazy because I want to not take part in that cycle (or do so to the least extent of dependency possible), well, I think they’re crazy for thinking it’s crazy to live in a way that brings more joy. Why would one willfully chose drudgery over freedom?


It’s perfectly okay to say you’re running away from the bullshit of the rat race. It’s worth running from. Am I also running to some really cool experiences? Sure. But, I’m not going to pretend that I’m on some noble quest. I’m not. I just want to get away from the bullshit as much as I can. I want spend more time looking at trees than at screens. I want to smell the forest or the ocean, not office chemicals. I want to be able to say “Hey, that place sounds interesting! I think I’ll go there!”


It’s admittedly selfish. It’s not for the environment or to prove some point. It’s about getting the life I want and getting away from the one I don’t. Simple as that. However, if, by sharing my experiences I can help others break away also, then I feel I am doing a service. I hope I can help.


It is said that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes. When I die, the last thing I want is for my life to flash before my eyes and all I see is cubicles. I want the life that flashes before my eyes to be filled with colorful, varied, amazing memories and experiences. When I see my life, I want to think “What a ride!” rather than “What a waste!” That’s what drives me the most. Every experience will be one less regret.

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