Solving Social Issues Forever

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There are tons of social ills which pervade our society. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, income disparity, ageism, you name it. The problem is, people pick the issue that most affects them and give lip service at best to all the rest. Even if one takes on three or four of these issues at once, they’re still going to have as much effect as treating cancer with an aspirin.

There are some very obvious things we need to admit and look at. All of these issues stem from two things:

  1. Ideology – religion, politics, etc.
  2. Money, specifically income disparity.

Ideas about the inferiority of any certain race or gender stem originally from religion. They are enforced through income disparity. Nations that are more secular and more financially equal deal with far less of these social issues. When black people or women get very rich, they are not held back by the same issues that poor black people and women face.

We keep treating these things as separate issues, but they’re not. We create a secular and economically level society, and the social issues we face will vastly diminish. So, if we turn our focus from racism, sexism, etc. and focus our efforts on education, science and income equality for all, then we actually more directly affect these social issues. We deal with the root of the problem, not the symptom.

If we’re focused on our separate issues, we will always be working on them forever, because they won’t get resolved. If we unify instead and work together to focus on those root issues of ideology and money, then we’ll actually fix all those other problems simultaneously.

This is why I get frustrated when I see people dividing into their special camps for their specific issues. By all of us working together on these root issues, we’re simultaneously learning how we’re going to deal with each other once things are more equal. We become friends, allies, and supporters of each other all the way around. We’re living and embodying the equality we seek.

One doesn’t fight an infection by consistently applying bandages. The problem doesn’t get better unless you fight the infection itself. Racism, sexism, and various kinds of bigotry are the symptoms, not the core. Kill the infection, and the symptoms heal. It’s that simple and that difficult.

Think about it this way: if we have a secular society where income is more or less equally shared, what reasons are left for someone to be racist or sexist? How can people continue to be held down if there’s no ideological basis and your livelihood can’t be manipulated?

We need to transcend religion and money, period. Not only will it resolve issues of bigotry and inequality, but it will also solve all issues related to the worship of profit, like poverty, ecological destruction, cultural destruction, etc. People destroy the lives of others when they think they can greatly profit from it. If they didn’t then why would they put forth the effort? Almost all of our ills can be traced to religious ideology and the pursuit of profit. Solve those and we literally save the world.

How? That’s the conversation we need to start having.

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