I’ve Got Some Bad News For You, Sunshine

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Things are going to get exponentially better. But first, they will get exponentially worse. I know, when people say such things, you just want to go back to your TV shows, internet memes, texting, or whatever other distraction that keeps these thoughts at bay. You don’t want to hear about it. But there are things you need to face, and sooner is better.


It’s become obvious that, unless forced through natural disasters, embargoes, economic crashes, etc. humanity will not willingly create a world of sustainability and symbiotism. We, like Cuba, will have to be forced into it. However, once we collapse, so does the world.


You will have to get accustomed to inconvenience and discomfort. You will have to get used to not getting what you want. You’ll have to live without that frappucino that you just can’t live without. You will have to deal with conversing face to face and learning how to cooperate with other people in a civil, cooperative manner. There will be no manager to whom you can complain. There will be no refunds or warranties. Temper tantrums will get you nowhere. You don’t get to be spoiled or entitled anymore.


You will not have the convenience of dismissing people anonymously based on their politics, or beliefs, or race, or gender, or sexual preference. You might have to do real work and it will be side by side with those people.

I’m just saying this because it’s going to happen. The unsustainability of every system we have is going to fail us, and they won’t talk about it on the news. Gas, food and other resources are already more scarce and more expensive. Our supplies are decreasing while demand is increasing. It’s not difficult math. It’s not a complex concept. It’s not a paranoid fantasy. We simply don’t have the resources to keep up with increasing demand. We don’t get to live in the lifestyle to which we are accustomed for much longer.


It’s our own fault. There have been warnings for decades. We just ignored them and instead of learning skills that could save our lives one day or reducing consumption, we just bought more stuff. Bigger vehicles, fatter bodies, bigger egos. We had to have everything and had to have it now.


We could start now, you know. We could start planting more community gardens so that we’ll have access to more food. We could reduce energy consumption so that we are used to less and what we have will last longer. We could walk and bike more than we do. We could do without a lot of the luxuries we take for granted. Then, we’d be somewhat prepared. We can do it deliberately, starting now, or we can do it in a panic later.


But, no, I understand. That lolcat sure is cute. That picture with a few words on it is such a nice, compact snippet of information that makes you feel good or laugh, but not have to think too hard about things. That cartoon sure is funny. Oh wait, you just got a text. The world can wait…

…but it won’t.

© 2015 William Suphan

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