If It Works So Well, Why Isn’t It Working?

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Usually, when I hear of someone touting the evils of Capitalism, I sense a bit of possible wingnuttery and am a bit wary. However, something must change, because Capitalism, at least as America is practicing it, is not working. Most people try to blame our financial woes on one political party or another.


Politicians are pawns, whether they are Democrat or Republican. There’s no lesser evil where that is concerned. They’re all complicit. Corporations buy out the votes of Congress in their favor, have judges in their pockets, and effectively channel all wealth to themselves and give enough to those who help them to keep them happy. With such a corrupt system, how are we the people ever supposed to benefit?


That’s the thing about Capitalism. It’s not meant to help people. It’s meant to help money. Just break the word down: Capital-ism. Capital is money, so it literally is Money-ism.


Of course when one starts to talk about seeking to benefit the people, they are accused of being Socialist. Yet, Japan, England, Canada, France, Denmark, Holland, and several other countries who have “socialist” programs that help employees, give universal health care, etc. do not have Socialist governments. They just take care of their citizenry.


What else is a government for except to maintain the well-being of the populace? Isn’t the very point of a society to be beneficial to the people of that society? Don’t we have a mutual interest in helping each other out? One would think that would be the most basic common sense, yet, in America, we act like helping one another is somehow wrong.


What’s wrong with simultaneously taking care of the most basic needs of our populace while also allowing any of them to run a business and make a profit? There needs to be a balance. It’s been proven beyond any doubt at this point that letting Capitalism run unchecked and letting everything become privatized works only for a very few and hurts everyone else. This is not acceptable. It seems that anything is permissible in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar. Fuck that! People are more important than money. Period. If you fuck people over to make money, you don’t deserve your next breath.


Many try to take themselves out of the equation of harm by saying they didn’t directly do anything. However, if you support those who do corrupt and terrible things, you are complicit in their wrongdoing. If you have stock in companies that do harm, you are financing the harm they do. You are then part of the problem.


What I feel we need is a hybrid system. Part Capitalist and part Socialist. Have the systems in place to guarantee education, health, shelter, food, etc for every citizen. Also allow them to do business, but make sure it’s fair. Keep the playing field truly level. Make the financial ocean much more diverse than simply sharks and minnows. Cut all the extra crap like derivatives and other chaos-inducing, useless crap that only serves to make rich people richer.


There is enough to go around. No one needs to hoard billions of dollars. If anyone can’t live in total luxury and be happy on 5 million per year, there is something seriously wrong with them. We should have limits and let the rest help everyone. That way you can still be rich by any measure, but no one needs to suffer for the financial benefit of another.


Having more employee-owned, co-op businesses would be greatly beneficial. Every example I’ve seen so far shows every employee has a say, no one gets screwed over, everyone makes very good money, and everyone’s happy and successful. No one will vote to implement ideas that would harm the employees or the company. What’s wrong with that? Isn’t it the most basic example of success when you have a company where the employees are healthy, happy, make a good wage, and are productive, and as a result, they make sure the company thrives for the very reason that they actually have a personal interest in doing so?


If people only work for someone just to make a few people in that company rich, what incentive to they truly have to make that company succeed? Most companies have no loyalty to their employees and therefore should expect none in return. Why should someone who could be put out on their ass at any moment break their back for those who would do so?


Lots of people fear that if you regulate too much, then the gov’t has control and it’s all Big Brother. We’ve also seen what happens when we regulate too little: most people suffer. So, what do we do then?


We can’t let things go on as they are, that’s for sure. No one’s back or sanity should be broken so that another may live in luxury. Ever. The system has to work for everyone, or else what’s the point? We’ve seen what looking out for number one has done for us. It’s killed us. Any argument one could make for the current way of doing things is immediately disproved by simply looking at the results of the current system. It couldn’t be more obvious that it’s only working for a very few, and that’s just not good enough.


It’s not that people are lazy or shiftless. Most people want very much to work and be productive, and they’re not wrong in wishing to reap some benefits in doing so. Anyone who blames the poor for their own predicament is either a lying scumbag or a delusional moron. They playing field is very obviously skewed.


Lots of people have this fantasy that, for the most part, the system is good and people follow the rules. Bullshit. Just open your eyes and look. After all, what did the corporations who got the bailout money do with that money? Our money? Did they hire more people? Did they do anything at all for their current employees? No, they took it as a bonus and went on luxurious vacations. If you support this, fuck you. You are a cancer. You are everything that is wrong with this system.


If I come across as a little angry, well, you’d have to be a willing slave to not be outraged. So, what do we do about it? I can point out injustice until I’m blue in the face, but what do we do when these insanely wealthy assholes do everything in their power to maintain a system that benefits only them?


Obviously violence is out of the question. They own the military too.


Voting won’t change anything as nothing will get passed that would do any real, worthwhile change.


All I can think of is to stop playing along. Starve them. Form networks where people help each other out in every area of life possible. Practice altruism. Be creative. Intentionally focus our money so that we benefit each other rather than these corporate fucks.


It would take a lot of personal sacrifice, and sadly, those who are able are often too indifferent or fearful to try. I think we need to simplify, get more frugal, and have more community gardens. I know how hippie that sounds, but screw it. People can call us what they wish. If we are more free as a result of such actions, then who cares about some namecalling? Fuck ’em. We don’t have to be all earth-muffin about it, but creating practical sustainability and cooperation is a necessity if we’re to survive this bullshit. That’s what it boils down to.


One thing about America is true: united we stand, divided we fall. And hell, isn’t helping out your fellow Americans about the most patriotic thing you can do? Isn’t looking out only for number one a form of treason? Abandoning your country in favor of yourself?


Remember, the government is not America, we are. If our government and the corporations that own it won’t help us, we must help each other.


It was nice thinking about for a second, huh? Guess it’s time to go back to your routine, right? Or…you know, you could research a bit on sustainability, winnow through all the new age mumbo jumbo and weed out the nuggets of practical advice and we could perhaps start some dialog and eventually some action on figuring out how to go about weaning ourselves from the societal teat and stop feeding these massive parasites that are making us all miserable.

Your move.

© 2015 William Suphan

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