Don’t Fight Bad People, Fight Bad Ideas

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Citing statistics, “raising awareness” and endless debates are not changing anything. The problem is, we keep fighting bad people, but like shark teeth, those bad people are only replaced with more of the same. As long as we keep doing the same things, we’re going to get the same results.

What we need to do is fight bad ideas, because as long as those mindsets are in any way acceptable, people will adopt them. We need to fight bigotry itself. Rather than endless charts comparing one group to another (which is basically just more bigotry) we should explain to people how lumping ANY group together as some kind of perpetrator is utterly wrong and sickeningly prejudiced.

Pointing out inequality is useless unless it is followed by trying to foster equality. And, quite frankly, citing statistics rarely changes anyone’s mind. Once a person is a bigot, they usually stay that way. What we need to do is what is already happening gradually: bigoted ideas are becoming less and less acceptable, and as this happens, more and more equality is being created.

We need human solidarity, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, belief, etc. Yet, again and again, people keep dragging things back to “well, this shows that this group does far more of this specific bad thing than this other group.” Yeah, and it will continue to do so as long as you waste time saying that. That data is the symptom, not the disease. We need an antibiotic approach, not a topical anesthesia.

Inequality exists and it is terrible. It is, however, becoming less. It is only becoming less because various antiquated concepts are being less and less socially acceptable. Bigotry may never be completely wiped out, but the more we show support for each other rather than dividing into separate causes and issues, the more we will create equality. In fact, opposing or blaming any group is bigotry and is the problem. You can’t end bigotry with more of the same. Pointing out all the differences just separates us further.

Basically, we should make it so that a person’s gender, sexuality, race or whatever else is utterly irrelevant. We need to change the language and replace all the other descriptors with “humans” or “people”. Since gender and sexuality are being more and more revealed as a gradient spectrum, the old arguments of men vs women and gay vs straight are becoming irrelevant. After all, where does a pansexual transgendered person fit in to all these debates? Are they the oppressor or the oppressed?

Furthermore, we know that it’s not any group in particular that does all this evil, but rather, a rich and powerful minority. Most people aren’t oppressing each other and lack the power to do so to an entire section of humanity. The only ones who are perpetuating evil en masse are those with the power and influence, and they are comprised of men, women, black, white, gay and straight. It’s not just one group. So, all of our bickering is utterly pointless. It’s actually perpetuating the things it is supposed to be against.

Stop debating one another and start supporting one another. That’s the only way we will ever have anything like actual equality. If we have solidarity with each other, regardless of what we happen to be, then we can stand against those powerful few much more effectively and show that we will not be divided. After all, keeping us set against each other is exactly how they keep getting to oppress whole groups of people.

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